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Default Re: Have you ever ridden your MB in the snow just for fun?

Well I finally got to venture out to go over to Crazy Mikes for some vids and Freddies for some vittles tonight. The roads are still all covered with a granular snow that is up to 6" deep in spots and it was about 30 degrees F.

I let out all but 20 psi in the rear tire, it is a 20" tire and a slick for the most part and I don't have a knobbier one. I did have a knobbier tire for the front 700c rim and put that on but I had to take off the full fender cause it rubbed some and put on a downtube board type fender. Once again inflated to 20psi.

Took off down the street by my house which is fairly steep and it felt pretty good actually. Got on the gas and started cruising along at 20 mph and felt safe enough at that speed. Handling was a bit squirrley but not life threatening. When I went up the first hill I was surprised at how the rear wheel wasn't apt to spin out too badly. I gauged this by pedaling and that way I could actually feel the rear wheel if it started to slip.

I thought I would cut across the Civic Stadium parking lot but it was totally unplowed and only cut tracked by vehicles. Made it through but not as comfortably. I found that if I could follow a tire track that was best. Stuck to the more traveled streets after that. I never felt like I had to use my feet as outriggers btw.

All in all a good enough experience where I will probably go out for more tomorrow.


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