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Default Re: How durable are these engines?? 66cc

Follow the above suggestions and make darn sure that you always carry a decent tool kit and a few spare parts such as; various wrenches, plug socket, flat and Phillips screw drivers, a tire patch kit, and at least a spare plug, master link, and maybe even a spare tire tube (you'll want to remove the chain so you can more easily peddle home if you have a breakdown out on the trail). I'm sure that you already know this, but I thought I'd mention it anyway...

Originally Posted by kyle5647 View Post
i will be putting it on my mountain bike and i will go trail riding with it, which means frequent hills at full throttle, i would be riding this thing as if i was riding my own dirt bike.
I'd take it easy with any "full-throttle hill-climbing" until you become accustom with your kit and it's power and reliability (downhills, as fun as they are, will of course require good, or better, brakes (I much prefer disc brakes myself). Just remember that these things are not Japanese, or European, dirt bikes and you'll probably do OK. A Motorized MTB, sure. A full blown dirt bike? No way.
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