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Default Re: How durable are these engines?? 66cc

Originally Posted by kyle5647 View Post
Thanks for all your quick posts guys!!

If you think about it...what would wear out?? a piston?? i can replace that for $20

if i put a mikuni vm-18 carb on it, aftermarket piston, and a high compression head, it seems like nothing really would brake on it?? except maybe the crank bearings but i can fix that

i might last longer than 100 miles, cause i can fix and take VERY good care of it
Some may or may not agree with what im gonna tell you here but im gonna tell it at ya!

#1 get you a kit from a vendor that has been spoken about on here taht has been known for a quality kit and most of all good customer service in the event that there is a problem with any of the parts and pieces in the kit.

#2 once you get your engine and parts, make or purchase a better intake gasket and use a bit of gasket dope for a good seal after you grind off any burs from the inside of the ntake tube or better yet buy a shorty type billet intake that is port mached to the jug from a vendor here on forum.

#3 get some good quality nuts to use in place of the junky acorn nuts that come on most of the engines, and if you wan to add reliabilty, while you have the head unbolted go ahead and install a better quality writ pin bear which is one of the most common catastrophic failures the engines have, the jug and piston are normall completely destroyed if the upper bearing comes apart......... ask me how I!

#4 get the engine securely mounted on the bike with NO RUBBER OR OTHER SQUISHY STUFF BETWEEN ENGINE AND BIKE FRAME.... get it running and put a few miles on it as you get the little bugs worked out, the carb tuned and some break in time on it.

#5 now one item at a time start to work in the mods you want and be sure to study up on each one here on the forum so you'll know for sure what actually helps and what is just snake oil, you will learn many new things by this time about these little!

Best wishes to ya and by the way if you go dax..... you wont go bax....."

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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