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Default Re: 40 + mile ride today !!! what is the farthest you have gone ???

Originally Posted by rogergendron1 View Post
wow 50 mile rides !!!!!!!!!!!! and 12 hr sesions lol my hands would go numb !!!

you guys are pretty hard core to go 50 plus miles or you have got one comfy bike with good shocks !

i am trying to find front suspention for my cruiser but the guy at city cycles told me it was an odd size not standard (its a little thinner than standard) and he didnt know of a front fork setup with suspention and disk breaks that would fit without a lot of searching around and cost.

and yeh i should have done more homework and bought a dax balanced motor right off the bat ! would have been nice
Hey Roger let me know the size of your fork neck dia. I have an old huffy set of forks with shocks on them. They do not fit any of my bikes...Let me know dia. & length . if they fit your welcome to them "FREE of charge" just may need to take a ride to Bourne to get them is all, they are gold in color with black shock boots .

I heard running 93 oct. is a bad idea but in this cooler weather if your not over heating it cant be all that bad ! I like to hear good news about the GT-5 as I just ordered one from So far all Ive been hearing about them is how every paert in them is off sized compared to all the other motors like the key ways are 2.5 mm compared to 3mm on everything else the bore stroke is shorter etc etc. Of course I hear all these things after I ordered it!

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