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Default Re: clutch cable PLEASE HELP!!

The clutch actuating parts, The cam in the outer cover, the pin or bucking bar, and the ball bearing behind the pin all should be well lubricated with a good grade of bearing grease.

To really decrease the friction in these parts you can use a sanding disc on a Dremel and smooth the contacting surfaces of the cam and the end of the bucking bar. As they come from the factory they are very rough and there is a lot of pressure applied to those rough surfaces when you pull the clutch lever.

Look closely and you can see where they make contact. Those are the surfaces that need to be as smooth as you can make them. After sanding off the rough edges I like to polish them on a buffing wheel so they look like chrome then apply the grease and reassemble the cover and cam to the engine.

Make sure the cable is aimed directly toward the clutch actuator arm by loosening the jam nut on the cable stand-off and turning it to align the cable with the arm. Retighten the nut and adjust the cable so there is little to no slack when the handlebar lever is in the engaged (unsqueezed) position.

Smoothing and lubricating the parts described will greatly decrease the friction in the clutch. I concur that WD-40 is not a good choice for a lubricant. It will give you a temporary fix then make things worse. Either a light oil, I use Opti-2, or grease applied to the cable before sliding it into the sheath will help a lot.

Good luck.

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