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Originally Posted by Pearl91chevy View Post
Fan ally got it running this morning. Been out for about a hour in it off and on checking stuff.. I have it mixed right now at 32:1 with synthetic ams oil. The plug is a little wet and so it's exhaust but I have no smoke at all. Few questions is the motor ever supposed to idle on its own? As of right now top speed is 15mph
Yes engine should idle real nicelycwhen you lt off throttle, if the plug is wet and the exhaust you are for sure running way rich on fuel, also seems like 32:1 is a lot of oil in the mix for amsoil but will be ok for now im sure.

Are you running the CNS CARB?

Im not vry familiar with the CNS carbsive never used them, I hav new one in box but just never seen a need to try to mak it work since the NT carbs are so easy to tune.

The way I re-jet my carbs is to solder up the jet hole with a small bit of solder and then I drill the jets with a #73 wire gauge bit to start with, I run the engine a couple miles with a freshly cleaned spark plug and then check my plug color, if it runs strong with very little 4 stroking accept for a little at slower speeds I know I may have it just about right.

From my experience you shouls have a top speed of 25-30mph not 15, my bikes will dang near idle at 15 mph, I pdal up to about 11-12mph before I even release the clutch lever, so yeah.... no doubt you are running really rich on fuel.

Here is where I get my small bits from

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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