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Default Re: How comfortable is your 'shop' ?

I have two areas claimed around my house, the garage and the basement. Currently my garage is filled with stuff when my daughter moved out of her place and one of my miata engines, transmission etc. ...But there is still a wee bit of space to work in thank goodness. Winter has set in here but hopefully in the spring I can make the shop more enjoyable, as enjoyable as a one car garage can be.

The basement is filled with silly things like guitars and tube amps and of course practice space for my band. I also have all my reload equipment in there and hope to set up another bench to work on engines once I can gather more funds.

Golf, now there's a subject.
I'm actually a pretty good golfer and my brother gets upset that I out play him even though I don't really practice, heck I might play every few years at this point in my life. My secret? I couldn't give a flying leap about the game or most of the people that play the game of honor lol. The last round I played was a couple years ago (so I'm due for another) and it was a short 9 hole course that I made par on.

Anyways I'll get some shop pics up when I get something's cleaned out lol.

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