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Default Re: Denver area installers

Originally Posted by Mclaren880 View Post
Hi, does anyone here have any experience with people in the Denver Colorado area who install motors? I'm talking to a guy who seems legit, but just wondering if you guys know anyone in particular.

There are a handful of guys in the Denver area that build motorbikes. Some are basic builders, others build high quality bikes with a plethora of knowledge. Don't be fooled by the craigslist builder; some are just out to get your money and sell you a POS. I know a lot of the Denver guys, a few do and/or claim to build bikes for others.

If I were fresh in the market for a motorized bicycle knowing the information I know now... I'd only be able to buy and trust a pre-built bike from any one of these 3 people/ members. Tom (2door), Duane (DAX), or myself (FRod81). Just because there is a lot that goes into building a motorbike than just slapping it on a bike and calling it good. Building a safe bike for longevity and reliability takes more then 1 day. From my experience and from meeting other riders... lets just say some are not as patient as others.

I build motorized bicycles on the side, 2 stroke or 4 stroke... mountain bike or cruiser. I get a lot of business just by riding around town and passing out cards and word of mouth. I have a portfolio of everything I've built along with some references. It just depends on what you want and what your budget is. PM me if your interested or if you need some help or advice.


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