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Originally Posted by Pearl91chevy View Post
Well as of right now, don't have a bike that will work. I got 2 mountain bikes, ones my Haro but the lower frame rail is to thick which won't allow me to mount the motor. Other mountain bike has full suspention do outta question. My red bike posted above, well long story short top rail is the issue, motor will fit but not with the spark plug and I didn't even try the carb.. So I went to walmart, toys r us,and target to find a bike.. Everything is either not comfortable or lower frame rail is to thick. This sucks lol
Click on the sick bike parts link here and you will find adapter for mounting engine to the larger bike frames, personally I make my own, very simple to do if you have a drill, 4"-4 /2" grinder with a thin cut off wheel and either a welder or a torch that you can use for brazing or torch welding with a wire coat hanger.
What I make up is held secure to the frame with a muffler clamp that closely fits the frame dia. I get them at Autozone or most any parts store.

Most of the beach cruiser type bikes do have larger tube frames than what the front engine mount will fit, but like I said its actually a simple fix to get around that.

And sick bike parts has a great setup for it if you dont have the tools to make your own.

Below are some pix of what I do on mine, a bit crude looking not being painted up but works great and is bullet proof.

just 1" wide flat streap steel works great and can actually be all one piec using a wider piece of flat steel, this is just one way it can be done but there are others that dont require welding and would only require a clamp, a 2"-2 1/2" piece of metal with four holes drilled in it.

look at these pix and then let your own creative juices flow and I'll bet you'll have a solid set up figured out in no time.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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