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Default Re: 40 + mile ride today !!! what is the farthest you have gone ???

alright i am planning a halloween ride from woburn ma to seabrook NH !!! my plan is to drive all the way up to my dads motocycle shop in seabrook nh ! when i get there i will speend the day at his house modding my bike.

i want to
- paint and install the 70cc hi hi head
- change out the needle bearings to lighter stronger ones
- turn out the piston ramps perfectly on the lathe right now they are hand ground and not perfect.
- chuck the wrist pin up in the lathe and mill out the center hole to about 7.5 to 8mm essentualy lightning it ... i may however buy a titainium one befor i go
- polish the piston dome to prevent carbon build up
- let my dad have at the precision porting !!! right now all i have done is port it by hand opened it up some and raised the exhaust some also lowered the intake some ... i want to let my dad do the math for the port tming and then just mill out what needs to be and then clean it up by hand with a dremal. he has 30 years of porting and top end modifacation exp...
- i want to mill the jug deck down 1mm then make a 1 mm spacer for the case
- last but not least i want to spend the rest of the day mesuering up and fabricating an exhaust made from aluminum there will be a mounting bolck and it will be made from a 1 in thick block and port matched perfectly to the jug then rounded at the header opening to perfectly match the headder tube and then finns will be milled to it .. sort of like the jnm intake extention. the tube will be 3/4in aluminum with a nice long gradual curve over the motor strait back to the rear and the expantion chamber will be made from a sheet of 1/8 thick aluminum diamond plate i already have, it will be for tourqe, a long defuser cone a short belly and a 2 stage deflector cone with a long stinger coming out the deflector cone stinger should be around 1/4 to 5/16 ID and aluminum . a coppy of jaguars designe but without the belly stinger.

its about a 50 mile ride when done by all back roads no highway and that is about all i can take at one time on my motorized bike lol !!! so i am looking at a 100 mile round trip in one day. hope nothing breaks and i do not over heat lol

for the trip i am going to run 32:1 and 93oct instead of 40:1 full synthetic hopfully the little extra oil will help keep me lubed up at the high operating temps of the long haul.

i am sick of this stock exhaust lol its too restrictive and when its modded to be free flowing it becomes to loud and sound wierd allthough it does now help keep my motor noticably cooler and i do have a bit more power . i would like to make a perfect free flowing exhaust thet puts the power band right where i want it and i need to go to my dads shop to do it .

this is the exhaust i want to be riding the 50 miles home with... only with the stinger coming ouy the rear deflector cone not the belly. i like the sound of the rear stinger the belly stinger is too quiet and soft sounding where as the rear stinger has a louder grunt under load. and my cones will be made from diamond plate for looks.
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