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Default Re: Pulling Trailers (wagons)

Because I am crazy, I am building a 4 stroke cruiser with a Grubee G4 kit. Because I am even crazier, it is going to pull a trailer for my mobile bicycle repair business.
Trying to find a good, AFFORDABLE heavy duty trailer, is nuts!
I do not know if anyone else has seen this do it yourself kit, but I am buying it next month.> For $129 it is all the fittings, wheels, ect to build a trailer, just add 1' square tubing from a local supplier!

I will be building this kit into a trailer for my bike stand, repair table w/truing stand, tools, spoke threader, 10x10 canopy, everything I need to operate.
So no, my cruiser gets no mods for speed, it will get some breathing upgrades ie foam air cleaner element, drilled air box, drilled jet, and straight pipe to 3/4" muffler exhaust. It will run the 50 tooth stock sprocket to maintain torque...
I am currently figuring out electric brakes...
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