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Default Re: Have you ever ridden your MB in the snow just for fun?

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
No, when you use the manage atatchments, it makes them small, thumbnaikl sized photos that load fast, that way, when someone wants to see them full sized they just click on them.
It make the whole thing go much faster.

Sometimes when people post photos that are photobucket or whatever, I can't look at them because they take forever to load.

The thumbnails take only a few seconds. I click on them, then go about my business, and come back and look at the ones I need to see in the bigger version.
I had never thought about it Joe. Thank you for the heads up on it. Used to drive me insane when I had DU. I could go have coffee and a smoke just to come back and still be waiting for a page to load. Now I am probably the worst offender with big pics from photobucket. (Joe, got any linkage for an old 4stroke? Bad carbon. rough/no starting)

Jim, yes sir! I just got photoshop (mostly to do evil and funny) Big time learning curve but great program! Just have to really sit down and learn it. There are a lot of freebies too. Always about the time.

But man! Doughnuts in the snow are fun and surprisingly not all that painful if you aim for the deep snow for landing. Had Carol laughing. She thought I had one great rooster tail going. Nope, dead kill switch and a stuck wide open throtle.
worst apocalypse ever

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