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Default Re: How comfortable is your 'shop' ?

Just moved out of a 2 car fully finished garage (except for the smooth finished concrete floor) with 3 (yes, 3) stupid/fancy dual pane (wall space robbing and burglary enticing) windows and a 64ish inch fancy oak bar counter w/bar sink and microwave. The thing looked and felt more like a room than a garage (even with my full sized truck, my wife's mini van, my motorcycle, bicycles, tools, and various other junk/stuff that my wife and I had in it). I must say that I practically lived in the thing (being married and all)...

Now I/we have a fully finished (w/concrete floor of course) 3 car with a mini fridge, microwave, and wall/floor space for just about everything I have and need (ya, right). Thankfully, it's not as darn stupid/fancy as the last place. It has a large utility sink, 40 inch "left-over" bath cabinet (w/ a solid top), and an old PC and office file cab to go along with my work bench and horizontal shelving. It even has a couple of HVAC registers (not yet sure if this is meets "code" or not). And, of course, I have a sound system (that consists of an old class AB Pioneer receiver w/15 inch furniture speakers). One of the best things about this garage is that oil spills, paint over-spray, and other normal garage "wear and tear" is perfectly OK. All-in-all it should be useful and more than comfortable enough for me. The place is a "moving-in" mess right now, but I figure I'll have it pretty much "setup" in about a year.
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