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Default Re: How comfortable is your 'shop' ?

Originally Posted by Pluto View Post
You guys are lucky, lots of space. I live in the City, my entire lot measures 24 feet by 100 feet. No driveway no yard no nothing but house and garage.
2400sf total land must suck, heck my under roof is 1800sf (about 800sf for the shop) and I don't have a garage and it sits on a 10,890sf lot in the city but that's how we do it in the desert, spread out with room to move.

I am trying to think of ways you could utilize the space you have with all those bikes and all that comes to mind is going vertical for storage.
Maybe just a couple sets of vertical tracks on the wall with a plank to hoist one bike up against the wall so you park another under it?

Just trying to help as it looks like you have been busy building motorized bicycles and they take some room ;-}
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