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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Here are a couple wheels for you.

Alex rim, Wheelmaster built bolt on freewheel hub. I just got one of these for a bike. It's nice for classic stuff.

$40, Alex rim, 12-G stainless spokes 36h bolt on wheel, for 5/6 speed (shouldn't have to spread your frame much if any)

I've run 3 speed freewheels on generic multi-speed hubs before. You can use them on BMX (singlespeed) hubs, or multi-speed hubs, as long as the axle spacing and wheel dish are correct or compensated.

Here: $10 for one, and free shipping, cheaper by the dozen!

Note: if your axle wasn't severely bent, and you didn't ride hundreds of miles on it that way, the races should be fine. You can get another axle for around $10 at BMX or bike shops, or off junk bikes.

Originally Posted by Danschutz View Post
Bent my rear axle the other day and Im pretty sure the ride home the bearings gouged the races so I decided to swap my coaster brake wheel back on. As I messed with it I remembered why I didn't like the wheel in the first place, it spins pretty bad. Never having messed with a coaster brake I took it apart and sure enough bearings were pretty dry. So far Ive wiped off all the old grease on the axle and tomorrow I'll regrease everything with red bearing grease and see if it helps a little.

While I have your attention.......

I need some HELP picking out a new rear wheel for my new build.

Its a 70's Huffy frame and I have to spread the frame just a little to get my newer coaster brake wheel to fit so I was wondering can I get a 26 inch freewheel with just one sprocket without all the added width? Something like a bmx rear wheel but 26 inch. Heck even something wide enough for three sprockets may fir.

If you chuckle at my question please remember Im a newb! lol.

1" roller Dax Friction Drive and Tanaka 3300 with mods.

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