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Default Re: Thinking of motorizing straight on through winter

"Boris, darling, wotabout musse and squerrel?" might not be a bad signature line, now that I think about it. It was hard to like Natasha Fatale. But it was kinda hard not to like the sexy communist temptress, too..

Anyway, I did get one reminder of one difficulty today. It was my first rain commute since, I suppose, the spring. Maybe last fall. Going to work was downright pleasant compared to that darn Sun which hasn't left me alone for months. Coming home, though, it was dark. It wasn't actually raining but the roads were wet. About half my commute is off-road as well and I was reminded that, even with good light, wet (or hard packed snow/ice) conditions make it difficult to see exactly what you're about to ride over. I knew this. But I hadn't been thinking about it for awhile.

Barely Awake mentioned that dexterity is important in slippery conditions. It's true. And my motor bike is somewhat shy of fully dextrous. It's a rather heavy and almost clumsy machine as a matter of fact. I also noticed that my boot covers rub against my clutch and magneto covers. Which adds to the clumsiness. Even if only minorly.

So I might have to lower my sights a bit. Maybe try to ride the motor bike when I'm sure of cleared roads only. And save the studs for the pedal bike when there's a chance of new snow/ice or evening freeze of daytime melt. Stuff like that.

It would be an accomplishment to ride on through and demonstrate that I can ride a motor bike in any winter conditions. But it would still be an accomplishment to merely come close.
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