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Default Re: Bike won't start! Help!

They're a pretty simple motor mate. You need to put fuel , air and and a spark into the cylinder to get a reaction. Timing should be taken care of for now.
Here's some of the simple ones I'd go for first, but do wait till you get your new bits on before going too hard at it:
Fuel: does it come into the carby from the tank? Take the line off at the carb and see if it runs through when you open the petcock valve. If not- filter? Muck in tank? Remember they're gravity fed into the carb as far as I know, so tank needs to be above carby.
Air: is the air filter full of crap? Should be a foam element in there. Have a look. If so, clean with petrol and chuck it back in. This was a prob I had with my trusty mover once.
Not sure how you are with motors so sorry if I'm stating the obvious. I've learnt from dumb mistakes at times. Do go over a set of installation instructions from somewhere just as a simple checklist in case it's a real simple issue.
Also, if you don't know what a screw does, leave it for now. Especially around the carby.
Good luck.
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