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I don't know what to think, buba. in order to actually market these "bikes" you're gonna need a fearless test pilot to make sure no one ends up in the street with rusty pipes puncturing ever part of their body.

I repect your enthusiasm, but you need a crash course in aesthetics, as well as functionality.

Many of us have chopped and welded bicycles together from other bicycles, and in the end, they still resemble bicycles.

i'd be very wary of kitchen chairs and whatever other scrap you're using. All metal is not metal.

Most bicycles use chromoly or high tensile steel. kitchen chairs don't. there's a reason for that. if a kitchen chair collapses (which they do) you fall 2' on your butt on the kitchen floor.

If a bike collapses, you go to the hospital and get shoulder surgery and 8+ months outta work.

Not too mention a lawsuit if you happen to be the poor guy unleashing these on the general public.

Keep your dream alive, but take a step back and consider what you're actually trying to accomplish. that's my advice...
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