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Default Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

My reasons for riding motorized bicycles are:

1. My left knee and foot aren't so great anymore.

2. I recently re-discovered that I like working on, modifying, and building (or should I say "piecing together") bicycles.

3. Gas motorized bicycles offer extremely high fuel economy. I'll also mention my (36v 450watt 10AH battery) electric bicycle that costs me a cent (or less) a mile to operate (range is about 20 miles per charge). Meanwhile, petroleum fueled vehicles cost about an average of 0.15 cents a mile to operate.

4. Then there's this post (from miked826) that I can sadly relate too when it comes to commuting in large metro areas:

"I took a Santa Monica bus to a LA Metro Bus to go home today. Distance traveled was 8.4 miles. Elapsed time was 2.5 hours total, having to wait for the buses, plus the total # of stops. I think I could have actually walked home faster, if I wasn't so over walking anywhere. LOL".

Yep, I'm done with sitting in traffic in my truck, or waiting for and then sitting in traffic on a public transit bus (my BART/bus commute was almost as bad as MikeD's in Santa Monica). Man, was I glad to get out of the Bay Area.
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