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Default Re: Bike won't start! Help!

If you want to know if there's a spark, here's an outrageous idea:
Pick an open space or road where you know you can ride for a bit without hitting something.
Take the plug out of the head, then keep it attached to the spark lead.
Go for a ride with the plug in your non-clutch hand, and engage the clutch as if starting the motor. If it creates a spark, that's not your problem.
Maybe try it at night to see the spark easier.
Hold the plug by the lead, not the plug.
If you can, take the plug out of the boot, and hold the metal contact about 5mm from your frame to see if it arcs a spark. This can tell you if the magneto is good but the plug is dead.
I take no responsibilty for you hitting any objects during this procedure.
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