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Default Re: 40 + mile ride today !!! what is the farthest you have gone ???

well i though again about the china girls reliability ... i looked into it and now that i am hearing other side of the story here it seems that a lot more people than i thought have stock bikes that last more than 3000 miles and run great out the would seem i got a bunk top end !!!! the bottom end however is clean and has good tolerances , the crank looks like a single piece too ! its like the top end and bottom end came from 2 dif factorys !!! i was that guy with the horror story lol.. my top end was garbage until i cleaned it up ! the casting was so bad in the ports there were casting flakes as big as potato chips sticking up!!!!!!!!!!!! and even the weld on the z intake had a bur so big it covered almost half the inside of the intake tube !!! the carb adjustment screws were capped off and it was adjusted out of wack lol and the port timing was off quite a lttle bit the piston covered a lot of the intake at tdc and the recomended oil mix of 16:1 is a joke... all of that combined gave me a bike that could not idle to save its life and had verry little power to the point of severe dissapointment. if i had not taken it appart and reworked the whole top end i am shure one of those huge potato chip sized casting flash pieces would have flaked off and destroyed my motor by now. also if i was not a mechanicaly inclined person this kit would not have been worth the money, would have put it togetgher and been dissapionted and out 160$ .

fortunatly i am a very good small engine mechanic and i know exactly what i am doing and now my motor runs like a well tunned machine and pulls pretty hard for a small 2 banger !

i am very happy to hear that all the kits are not like the one i got and people are happy with them bone stock ! i honestly thought they were a scam as soon as i saw the ports and flaky parts. but it seems like lots of people run stock motors for thousands of miles at speeds of 35 plus and have no issues. thats good

my top speed is and will always be 30 - 35 because i do not want to ride any faster ... i am not a fast guy i am a power guy lol i gear my motor for the speed i travel at most and build it for the most power i can at that speed ! after all what good is a fully modded motor that can go 50 mph on a 30t sprocket if it has no power at all driving around town at 20 ? all the power is at the top of the rpm range and its geared for high speeds a bike like that has no power at low speeds. i would rather build a torqe beast that is all midrange power and in its power band between 1/2 and 3/4 throttle and geared to cruise at 20-30 wile in the powerband. to me that seems like a whole lot more useable of a bike as i never go over 30 anyway i would alway be in my powerband

so i guess i will go ahead and keep this motor and modifiy it to be a midrange beast and try to make it as reliable as possable

to add to my mods now i want to get the following

ie : puch 70cc hihi head and custom x chamber exhaust tunned to the desired rpm range. mabey a more tunable carb thats a little bigger and that will be all i need for this build !

should make for a nice cruiser bike that can take the long hauls !!! thats why the need for the puch head extra cooling aria ! and the free flow exhaust helps cooling too.
all i need after that is front disk or drum brakes and a nice shock absorber seat post for my springer seat.
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