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Originally Posted by Retmachinist View Post
Jim, I still have to wing it with the manual lathe and mill. It's the only way I have ever known so its not to bad. I do like going over to to my buddies shop and watching the C.N.C. stuff.
I always say if you never have to scrap anything, your not making many parts.
There are several shops on my street...we all get along...borrow each others stuff etc. Sometimes I'll go in and see one of the guys spend hours on the CNC doing something I could knock out in 30 minutes on a Bridgeport. Sometimes "modern" machine shop guys forget the old ways are what won WWII.

The CNC is great for the short production of fancy shapes, but it's not the "everything" that a lot of people think it is.

If I had a product that was going into high volume production, I probably wouldn't even use CNC technology...Give me a wall full of Cincinnati's or Kearney treckers any day.

I've got an old No.2 Brown & Sharpe screw machine that will run circles around a CNC lathe...It's all in knowing how to set it up. I made the cams for the clutch kits on the Brown & Sharpe. The CNC guys wanted $3.00 ea. I was running them at a 35 second cycle time or about fifty cents each. The O-1 tool steel scared them off.

CNC has resulted in a lot of the younger guys knowing nothing about basic machine shop practice.

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