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Default Re: New Build Cool Stuff

Originally Posted by Spunout View Post
thank you. not bad for free, you know? no 'buy now' or shopping cart options, though.

CE: that intake is killer. puts mine (below pic) to shame.

with it being both shorter and not having a sharp bend, as a guess, how much do you think your flow has improved?

I do design/machine work for a living...lots of tools are required in the machine shop trade, that's the only way I can do this stuff so easily. This was supposed to be my bike. Even though it is sold; I have some time, (I'm not doing anything now anyway), so I decided to do up this bike as though it was going to be mine. His final bill will be around $800.00.

I really don't know how much it will improve flow...but it should be substantial. The thing is I have not run this engine so I really won't be able to say one way or another if it actually improved anything.

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