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Talking Re: 40 + mile ride today !!! what is the farthest you have gone ???

Originally Posted by rogergendron1 View Post
dont get me wrong here i like thease little 2 bangers but for like 40$ more than just the dax lower end i can buy a honda gx160 seeing as i already have lots of spare parts for it, and have a bike with way more raw power than any china girl could make. it would be more reliable too.

i am though growing attached to this thing and if i fall in love with it then mabey a full dax rebuild would be the way to go in the futere but for the same price a honda or pred build could be done. as all i would need is the basic pull start motor ... i have a lot of the preformance parts from nr racing already....the only thing i would need to buy is a midrange cam and roller rockers.. already have 26lb springs high comp head carb exe......

i like this lil motor but i know how mutch power my last gx160 had and this lil motor is not on the same page, lol its not even in the same book !!!! i dont care how many upgrades you bolt on it or mill out of it !!!

As far as the dax engine I just buy the lower $60 then I get the rest and build from there some they aren't that expensive.

As for a gx160 build you are correct lots of torque and power can be had, personally I wouldnt go with a gx160 I would do a gx200 or the clone, which I have done and still have the engine sitting in the shop, I only used the 18lb valve springs though because the 26lb are for an engine that is built to see 8000+ rpm which I was only building for about 6500rpm and ended up with a 50mph home bult single seater kart with it.

I have a bike right now with a china girl on t that has seen 45mph with a stock NT Carb no expansion exhaust and I have less than $150 tied up in the engine, it cruises @ 42mph with my 215lbs on it and it is just a simple single speed build, I like the big 4 smoker builds also and plan to do one in the future, there is something awfully enjoyable about a china girl build that has been done right with the best parts to be extremely reliable, there are people on here that have logged over 10,000 miles on a china girl and still going, so they can be made to be very reliable f they are done right, I don't personally have one with much over 2000 miles on it but the one that does has been road hard many times and a good part of those miles were 40-50 mile round trip rides at right at wot most of the time and that engine is bone stock..... not even a bearing or gasket upgrade and its been going since fall of 2009....., not my smoothest or most powerful engine but has been a jewel for reliability and just plain simple 30mph cruising fun.

Personally I like all of them big 4 smokes, small 2 smokers and all the in between, the china girls get a bad wrap because of builders who honestly just don't know what they are doing, and the hand full of engines that come over in the kits that are just poorly built with junky bearings, even the better ones get a bad wrap because of them, I've had a couple myself.

If done right they're all lots of fun and can be a very reliable way to cruise around, but all this said there is no doubt that a gx160 Hondas or gx200 Hondas or the clone build if done right is the most reliable compared to the china girl over the long haul, key to all of them lasting though is not to build them to an all out point that the internal components are super stressed for top performance, if they are they wont last as long, hot rods are built for power and speed and not long term reliability and require more adjustment and tinkering to keep that upper performance level going, a solid moderate build with good components is where I would be at when looking for best combo of performance and reliability with a 4 stroke gx type or any of the small industrial type 4 smokers.

Best wishes on whatever you do, i'm sure it will be a great build and it sounds like you know what you are doing with the 4 smokers/

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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