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Default Re: What would you spend on this motor

Thanks a lot for the input Maniac57. greatly appreciated I also love showing you's guys's comments to my wife and going "see honey I told you it was a bargain" she thought I was tossing money out the window "It's broken ...WHY ARE YU BUYING BROKEN MOTORS WHEN YOUR PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF BREAKING THEM ON YOUR OWN"" ouch that hurt !!

so your comments help ease the pain of the wife! " I'm dying to see if any porting was done to the head. I also just ordered a brand new GT-5 Skyhawk kit from "gasbike" for $128 bones with their 65% off there is just 13 hours left on the sale ... it will come completely unassembled but thats no thing. I'm kind of bummed I just read some place that the Skyhawk GT-5 has a slightly taller cylinder which makes the piston unable to reach up to it's full potential for maximum compression HP.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
How come the carburetor is on upside down?

I'm gonna guess it was easier .(for him) to work on the broken piece !

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