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Default Re: 40 + mile ride today !!! what is the farthest you have gone ???

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Thanks, it was built specifically for this (long trips) & it's build thread is here if you're really bored lol: pics:

You've hit the nail on the head with the HF motors, they're really inexpensive... or so they seem to be at first anyway, then you add up the redrive & fabrication costs. That "$99" price tag grabs a lot of folks for sure.

Yea, they're not bad motors for the money, question is if you're willing to fabricate what's needful to stuff a utility engine into a bicycle - why not look into utilizing motors that already have a redrive? They seem more costly at first, but as they come with a proper transmission - a true three or four speed auto, semi-auto or clutched (your choice) they're actually cheaper than the HFs and you're not limited to one business for aftermarket preformance & repair parts...

Here's a somewhat dated thread, the Honda CRF clones have become if anything more common & even less expensive now, maybe $200 complete w/some shopping?

The only catches are engine orientation & (physical) size, being horizontal choppers/recumbents are the easiest... then again stuffing a utility motor in a bicycle isn't exactly a turn-key operation either lol

Whatever you choose, enjoy the long haul - there's places to go & stuff ta see after all
i know ALL about the lifan motors lol i built my 2 sons a restored 1979 honda act 70 with a 125 lifan auto 4 speed with rev. of course i got the 150 big bore kit and the big valve head too along with a tall lobe cam... lol my 8 year olds 3 wheeler has more power than 5 china bikes put together !!!!!!!!!!!!!

i also know that a honda gx160 degoverned with the oil sensor removed a larger dirt bike mikuni carb strait pipe with glass pack, big valve head, double high lb springs and retainers, light f and a properly geared kart cluch or cvt forged wizco piston and light stroker rod, a ark billet flywheel 28 deg timming and 1:3 ratio roller rockers on a midrange cam ..... that my friend will eat china bikes and probably any so called 50-80 cc 2 banger you can toss at it for breakfast !!!!!!! i had a cart with almost that same setup gx160 running 30in rear swamper tires and it would wheelie !!!! 50mph speeds in a 600lb go cart ! i want that on a sweet fat tire beach cruiser !

pluss i have been oggleing the 4 stroke beach cruiser board traker bikes on hear and all the fastest and most powerful and beautifull build run a preditor 99 - 212 so i figure a gx160 genuin honda something i already know a **** of a lot about ( i could rebuild and mod one with my eyes closed!) would be right in the middle of being just enough and to mutch. plus i already have a box full of spare parts including 2 heads and a case allong with a valve cuting tool kit and the correct 5mm valve guide reamer for thease motors to do a proper 3 angle job. all i need is a new gx 160 and i already have a old style 14 cc head and a flat top piston that combo alone raises the comp to 10:1 without decking. also have a 21mm kein carb and thumb throttle from a 200 cc 3 wheeler ... just waiting for the china girl to blow the bottom needle bearing and its on !!! an all out honda gx160 build !

untill then i will try and keep this motor in the powerband cruising between 20 and 30 cause thats pretty mutch all shes good for lol

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