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Default Re: 40 + mile ride today !!! what is the farthest you have gone ???

Originally Posted by rogergendron1 View Post
awsome recumbant bike !!!!!!! if i had more money i would have gone with a 99cc pred but cant aford the cvt and motor along with all the other kit parts. i know for a fact though when this 2 stroke breaks down beond the point of cost effective fixing ... lol that 99cc pred will be coming in the mail. i like four strokes a lot more than 2 as there is so mutch that can be done with the valve train and porting !!! also after removing the gov syst from the case and changing flywheels those motors ripp !!!! the broad power and masive tourqe is awsome... i like to drive at a moderate speed and have the most damn midrange power i can get at the speed that i cruise at and i know how to tune a four stroke to do it.
Thanks, it was built specifically for this (long trips) & it's build thread is here if you're really bored lol: pics:

You've hit the nail on the head with the HF motors, they're really inexpensive... or so they seem to be at first anyway, then you add up the redrive & fabrication costs. That "$99" price tag grabs a lot of folks for sure.

Yea, they're not bad motors for the money, question is if you're willing to fabricate what's needful to stuff a utility engine into a bicycle - why not look into utilizing motors that already have a redrive? They seem more costly at first, but as they come with a proper transmission - a true three or four speed auto, semi-auto or clutched (your choice) they're actually cheaper than the HFs and you're not limited to one business for aftermarket preformance & repair parts...

Here's a somewhat dated thread, the Honda CRF clones have become if anything more common & even less expensive now, maybe $200 complete w/some shopping?

The only catches are engine orientation & (physical) size, being horizontal choppers/recumbents are the easiest... then again stuffing a utility motor in a bicycle isn't exactly a turn-key operation either lol

Whatever you choose, enjoy the long haul - there's places to go & stuff ta see after all
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