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Default Re: 40 + mile ride today !!! what is the farthest you have gone ???

as u can see the head is clean thanks to some good polishing the piston has some carbon but not on the transfers and less on the intake ramp .

idk about the plug though i am a four stroke man and its saying rich to me ?

i am running 93oct 40:1 all the time and thease pics are right after the 40 mile tour

ohh and by the way .. witch direction do you guys prefer to mount your head ? plug leanning tords the carb or exhaust port ? i leaned it tords the exhaust pointing the gap at the intake manifold thinking it will help but not to sure since when the fuel comes in it hitst the back wal right ? i wish i had a strait plug head with a good shapped dome none of this slant head squish band crap !

i may order a new piston and recut the skirt and grind bigger ramps on the intake and exhaust and tranfers then polish the surface ! i think a polished piston dome would help stop carbon buildup.

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