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Default Re: 40 + mile ride today !!! what is the farthest you have gone ???

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
...and that's the issue right there, not so much if the bike can take it but just how much punishment you can deal with lol

I used to take my two smokers out for the longer wanderabouts on the weekends & I found that while the bikes could keep going - the noise & rough roads, the incessant scream of even a silenced two stroke combined with the relentless pounding on even a semi-suspended bike was just too much for fun after about a hundred miles or so, I could keep going ofc... but it would become more a chore than a cruise.

Comfy seats & shocks only get you so far, my simple Schwinn was a rugged beast for sure but with it's short bars and forward ride stance numb hands and lower back pain were inevitable - "balance" a motor all you want, it's still a single cylinder and it will vibe a lot no matter (validity aside, balancing is more preformance than comfort in any case) and it isn't just engine vibration that gets you, it's every pothole you can't avoid shocks or no. I built the Rollfast to be the "comfy cruiser" with a much more comfortable ride stance & a jackshaft/shiftkit - a far more effective method for reducing vibrations as the engine's cruise RPM is a lot lower, the heaviness of the bike itself, the long handlebars & the sprung seat eliminated pretty much all of the remaining felt vibration... but even with all that and a full-length custom exhaust with extended silencer I found that 100-150 miles was about as much as I could stand of the "wingding a-dingding" while dodging traffic and the occasional passerby;

& so I built this fully suspended gas/electric tribrid recumbent, a two stroke may reign supreme in power to weight - but for quiet comfort & efficiency, the torque for the long hauls a four stroke is pretty much the indisputable champ;

Also jackshafted, cruise is just over idle & I can have a conversation without yelling - I just completed the "testing phase" this past summer so my longest trip was only about two hundred miles (with lunch break)...

...I didn't feel like I'd gone even remotely that far, I'd have easily kept going but I'd gotten to where I wanted to be & it was gettin' dark lol

awsome recumbant bike !!!!!!! if i had more money i would have gone with a 99cc pred but cant aford the cvt and motor along with all the other kit parts. i know for a fact though when this 2 stroke breaks down beond the point of cost effective fixing ... lol that 99cc pred will be coming in the mail. i like four strokes a lot more than 2 as there is so mutch that can be done with the valve train and porting !!! also after removing the gov syst from the case and changing flywheels those motors ripp !!!! the broad power and masive tourqe is awsome... i like to drive at a moderate speed and have the most damn midrange power i can get at the speed that i cruise at and i know how to tune a four stroke to do it.
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