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Default Re: 40 + mile ride today !!! what is the farthest you have gone ???

well now the heads off and i can see there is a little carbon on the piston but none where the transfer port ramps are and a little less on the intake ramp. the cumbustion chamber is clean ! no carbon just a thin film of gas from when i cut off the bike and rolled in to the yard. the plug looks ... ok i guess i dont realy know how to read a two stroke plug ... if it were a four stroke i would say its way to rich and mabey needs a hotter plug.

pics coming i hope lol i have to take them on my phone then e mail them to myself and upload them here. for some reason they like to hang around my outbox and not get sent even if i hit send all they just sit in the outbox for a couple of hours so a lil wait on the pics.

if any one can... will they post a pic of there plug pulled from a well tunned motor so i know what i am looking for. and any picks of your piston and chamber after some run time on a tunned motor.

well now that the head is off again .... i guess i will break out the sandpaper and rub down the head some more on my glass table. could use a little more compression.
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