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Default 40 + mile ride today !!! what is the farthest you have gone ???

any one take there bike out on exsesivly long rides ? i wondered about the reliability of my build going long distances at sustained high cruising speed so i tested it out.

first let me say that my bike is a grubee gt5 stock modified. all parts are stock no upgrades besides the nkg plug. and all the stock parts have been modded to be there best. jug port time corrected decked and ported and port matched, head decked for high compresion, piston has intake side trimmed 1/4 off the whole skirt and a 4 leaf clover pattern of ramps ground in the top for better port flow, the exhaust has been gutted and a new stinger pipe of 1/4in larger diamiter was bolted on and prefferated, 44t rear sprocket manual clutch. cns carb with the choke cable deleated and blocked off and the mixture screw exposed. tunned ok but i still have a low end bog from idle to 1/2 throttle but from there up it ripps !! if i give it the gas to fast from idle to 1/2 it bogs so i have to slowly gas it to half then it boots. thinking the main jet is too rich ? or the air fuel mix needs adjusting btter.

-anyway i rode from my home in woburn to downtown salem ma in one swoop no stops. 18.3 miles
-then from there after letting the bike cool down and sight seeing down town i rode from downtown salem ma to city cycles in stonham ma, looked at some new bike parts. 12.6 miles
-stonehame i rode to my work .... lowes in woburn ma 2.3 miles
-after work i rode home 4 miles

all together today i rode my bike for a 37.2 miles according to google maps but i know i took some differant side streets and swayed from heavy trafic so its prob more acurate to say 40- 42 miles give or take, almost 19 of witch was non stop 3/4 throttle 25-30 mph crusing !!!

as far as i am concerned the bike rode pefectly without a single hiccup. starting to think these things can run for longer than i though and are a lot more reliable when the stock parts are cleanned up and modded.

when i started i had exactly .5 gallons of gas (93oct 40:1 syn) and i am home now and still have about .1 gallon left so i drove 40 miles on .4 gallons.... mpg ??? around 90-100mpg !!! honest mileage.

with the carb properly jetted/tunned i bet i can get a few more mpg out of her allong with a pinch of extra hp and throttle responce ! not digging the bog right off idle to about 1/2 throttle.

my only wish is that i had front suspention lol my neck tube is an odd size and i cant find a front susp to fit.

and mabe if i had a puch 70 hi hi and an free flowing exhaust ... (tourqer pipe by arrow or sbp expantion chamber, maybee weld my own for free and coppy the best design?).... the bike would run a lot cooler and be more peppy.

also 35 is a little quick for me i never ride that fast so everything past 25 is wasted power.... i need to re gear my rear sprocket up to a 48t - 56t so my 3/4 throttle cruise speed is around 20 not 25-30.

all in all i can do long rides on my bike now without fearing things breaking or overheating now that i did it and put it to the test. i also learned my mpg and am happy with it but could be better.

guys can you post your experiances with long rides and how well you thought your bike did with it. did it overheat ? breakdown ? blow a gasket ? or did it run perfect without a flaw ?

and how well does your motor do running at 3/4 - WOT for long periods of time ?

let me know.... i want to hear about your experiance with your longest ride !
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