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Default Re: Thinking of motorizing straight on through winter

Originally Posted by bluegoatwoods View Post
I haven't motorized through the heart of winter yet. It's just too cold. I've always gotten by with my pedal bike. Much warmer.

....What I need is observations and advice specific to motor biking in winter.
I've got studded tires for the rear of my motorized trike that I've used on my motorized bicycle in winters past. I wouldn't ride without two on my motorized bicycle. Were I in your position I think I'd get another studded tire for the pedal bike. To keep my eyes from icing up I've worn a set of goggles for years. My daughter gave me a motorcycle helmet that's patterned after the World War II German Landwehr helmets. Wearing that helmet and the goggles makes me look a lot like Sergeant Schultz of the old Hogan's Heroes show. All I need is the greatcoat.

However, for warmth when the wind chill is like minus forty I wear a furred bomber hat which works great with the goggles. Insulated bib overalls, a Carhart jacket, heavy socks, and padded leather gloves complete the ensemble. This winter I may splurge and get some battery-heated gloves for my trips uptown.

This year I already splurged and bought a handle-bar mounted windshield for the trike. That arrives later this week and will probably be the subject of a later thread in the appropriate section. And I like the idea of making a lower fairing for the trike. I've got a 48-tooth sprocket on there right now and the four-stroke Honda handles hard headwinds fairly well.

One thing you didn't mention was long your commute is one way. My uptown trips are two to three miles one-way so I can get by just throwing on the bib overalls a hoodie sweatshirt, bomber hat, goggles and gloves. If I were riding greater distances I'd seriously consider a snowmobile suit, gloves and helmet setup. People around here ride snowmobiles all day in minus twenty weather wearing them.

One tip I learned years ago, bring an extra pair of socks. Your feet'll get wet and it's miserable working the day through with cold wet feet. When I was a kid we used to have four-buckle overshoes to wear when it got sloppy. Those might work too.
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