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thank you once again silverbear

i am not gun shy so any pictures of my 62 year old self you think may be of interest--go for it

well lawn chairs venice??
metal is metal and heavy duty metal is metal and any metal that will do the job is metal that will do the job and then some

if silverbear should post some of the pieces laid out on the ground and any of my stockpile of metal pieces you will certainly get a better idea of some component pieces origination
i know the sturdiest of the frames pictured so far has the heavy duty track of an overhead garage door for the rear stays not the typical gauge --heavy duty!!!

one of my favorite very common scrap yard finds are these kitchem chairs that have the bend in them and can be spread a bit more without deformings they make pretty good drop loops with the inner backrest piece when removed forming a perfect u for rear stays as well !!!

whatever it takes when i have not build my idea for a tube bender yet using a car wheel hub and various drums and rotors for mandrels!!!

mike they will work --will continue those silverbear was so nice to have posted for me and the others he has not upon my return to usa and make more proof of concept to completion and ride!!!!!

for now chopping /building away on my stock pile of bikes here and scrouging what i can from a local guy Pol -paul with a scrap yard later today i should be able to dig out a very solid 14 gauge chrome plated store clothes rack measured 1 inch diameter for lay back seat posts and more also has 4 aluminum cast wheels for a honda camino scrap price!!!

bought for 1 euro at an antique auction here yesterday the three uprights for a park bench-- fabricated from steel not cast--have some pretty sexy curves in the arm rests --thick 3/8 inch

also gathering materials to continue with my gas tank enterprise
confering with dirk to decide if there is a potential to do what ccc has done with richard kraemers like/frames for europe
each country here is more difficult to legalize but at this time i do not think is entirely impossible

any of you other non usa followers have some insight???? ludwig??? or ????

i want to do quite a few frames for pedal around here as well -- there is a pretty established chopper bike scene but more for the general publics reaction!!!

this sunday is a brommer--moped beurs-swap meet in westerbeke i am hoping my friend dirk 5 previously with robby put 2600 euros of parts and machining into a 50cm and ran that thing in races up to 150 kph

i liken robby to headtrauma or dave rust he and many here are on top of the small engines maxed out like rocket ships!!! such racing of small cm engines has been going on here for many many years belgium was home to over 250 motoren-- motorcycle factories/brands---

will pick me up otherwise it is impossible to get to by public transportation especially on a sunday when most transportation shuts down

rick rides are you out there???
many european engines may be of interest to you????? i have villers- claeys- comet -flandria- sachs- kreidler -zundapp-honda camino- bronco -puch- tomos -peugot -motobecane to name a few very available

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