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Default Re: My Bike Won't Start

Is there someone local who you can ask for help? Maybe a teacher for auto shop or a neighbor? Someone with a mechanical aptitude would be a great help for you.

The thread should be showing on the spark plug, before you put the wire from the CDI on.

Your pedal can't hit the side of the engine, not even a little. You need to change the cranks, and the bottom bracket on the bike. This takes special tools that cost about $20. It may be cheaper to get another bike rather than trying to change this.

The correct chain tension is important. If it's too loose the chain can come off and get caught in the spokes or on the frame. If the chain's too tight, it can pull the wheel sideways. Either one can cause you to get hurt. If you can't tighten the chain enough with the tensioner, take a link out.

You can do this without a chain break tool. Put the chain over a vice open just enough for the pin to slip through the jaws. Use a punch or a nail and a hammer to tap the pin out. You can also do this on a concrete floor. Use a small nut that the pin will just slip through to start, then add a second or third nut as the pin starts to come out of the chain. It doesn't take a lot of force, just tapping it will do.

Your best choice would be to ask someone local to give you a hand. You might even be able to trade some of your time for help at a bike shop.
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