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Originally Posted by vonericson View Post
Good lord my head hurts trying to break down that ratio into a usable fraction lol

My only real 2 stroke experience is Nitro based R/C trucks and I only buy premix so the fuel ratio thing is a mystery to me.

If you plan to run a standard type 2stroke oil you can go to most and auto parts store or home depot or lowes or most hardware stores and buy bottles or packets of oil specified for a particular mix ratio per one gallon of fuel, unless someone else beats me to it I will post a link to a oil/fuel ratio calculator here on this thread when I get off work at 6am in the morning and am at home with access to my PC, on my GalaxyIII right now and dont remember the link addy.

I think 25:1 is aroumd 5.2oz of oil per gallon of gas or at least real close to that, I know others here on the forum have thenlink ane maybe someone will see this post and list it .

Just take 128oz which is one gallon and divide it by the ratio you want to run and it will give you the amount of oil in ounces that you need to use per gallon of gasoline.

Example: 128 40= 3.2oz which will be 40:1

Hope this helps.
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