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Default Re: What would you spend on this motor

Originally Posted by AslansMonkey View Post
Well, the aftermarket head, spring chain tensioner and machined intake are probably worth more than $85 combined, so yes, I think you got a good deal. The bottom end of that motor should be replaced, however. Or at least the casing. But even if you strip the motor for parts, the aftermarket parts cost more than you paid.

As for the original owner...I don't think it's his age that makes the motor dangerous to him. It's that he thought he could fix it with JB weld. So congratulations on saving the old fellow's life!
If you look real close at it you can see the exhaust has one of those polished aluminum aftermarket ports with the fins that helps pull the heat away from the motor. Thanks for the input as well AslansMonkey.... I cant wait to see whats under the head also the "R.M." on the clutch cover just happen to be my initials . It was meant to be .. Now to order a brand new kit to put it all on !!

I think he just over tightened that spring tensioner and it cracked the bolt mount then the chain slapping around must have done the rest .

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