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Default Re: Engine Options?

i got a motor a few weeks ago my 7th in all and I noticed the inside diameter on the stock NT intake manifold was a lot smaller inside than that of the same on all of my other stock manifolds .

I Didn't notice this at first, however it was the lack of speed that got me investigating it, At first I though I may of had an NT speed carb. on my daily rider so I took it off started investigating put my pinky finger in one manifold "dont ask me why"... then when I went to do the same pinky plug on the other one I couldn't even get the tip of my pinky in the manifold, So I swapped the intake sout using the same carb and presto I was back up to speed so to speak.

So keep an eye out on these manifolds I think it may be a 49 CC manifold IDK all I know is it is a lot smaller and it affected take off, the mid range and top speed immensely He is right get a bigger rear sprocket to get more "off the line vpower " A smaller sprocket means more pedalling to get going but better top end once you do get going Id suggest a "as big as you can get " sprocket!
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