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Hi everyone! I'm totally new to motored cycling. Just found the motorized bicycle forum a few weeks ago and have been reading lots and lots and learned so much already so I thought it's time I signed up! I have been reading lots but there's just so much to learn and so much information here from all the helpful forum users.. not to mention all the pics of your truly awesome rides!

Okay so a few things about me: I've been riding and building bicycles for many many years, but never used motors of any sort, except when I had a motorscooter type toy vehicle for a week, until it broke my shoulder (4" front wheel rim was too small to roll to a stop when the 3" tyre had a puncture so I did the air-to-ground-missile thing).

I used to ride 20" BMX freestyle, 24" and 26" mountainbikes (downhill, freestyle jumping, etc), and more recently road-going 26"-wheel bikes.
I have knee problems from my BMX days though, which is making it harder for me to cover the distances that I need to; plus I tend to carry "quite a lot" of cargo on longer journeys which makes the going rather hard and increases the amount of cargo I need (to stay out longer I end up with exponentially increasing water/food requirements). I travel on the coastal cycle paths and mountain back roads of Wales so it makes sense for me to look into motorising my bicycle now as well as towing a trailer for cargo capacity.

The motor I'm interested in is the 69.7cc "Evo4GT" offered by Transformercycles in the UK. I need to figure out exactly where to post to ask if anyone else here has had experience with this company or any experience with there "latest" all black motor... not sure where to put that yet. I need to know if they really do honour their extended warranty or whether they blame "user error" as standard response and I should keep that extra money for spares! I'm going to try to find other MBers from the UK too if I can figure that out.

I'd like to upgrade the setup in the near future with a Sick Bike Parts shift kit if possible too, stealthy rear rack mounted fuel tank, and any other upgrades or mods that are nessesary.

Anyway my current bicycle is a Carrera 'Subway 2' Alloy framed 26"-wheel roadgoing mountainbike with a 20" (BB to toptube) frame, 2" diameter downtube, proper 1&1/8" aheadset, cable operated disk brakes, and a so-called suspension seatpost. I have a rear pannier rack for heavy cargo (food and water mostly), a front lowrider rack so I can carry light stuff like fleece tops etc on there, and I'm planning to get an Extrawheel 26" single wheel trailer too so I won't have to carry all my camping, fishing and snorkelling equipment on the bicycle itself after I've lost some cargo space by fitting the motor and fuel tank.
Looking at others' bikes on the forum it seems ideal for converting to motor-assisted cycling. *excited*

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