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Default Re: NGK BP6HS-10 Spark Plug

I'm a true-believer in 4-stroke engines so this two-stroke stuff goes way over my head. However, I've been to a few rodeos and I'm convinced that there's something fundamentally wrong with anyone who voluntarily sits upon a ton of angry Bull.

Whilst once bicycling along a gravel ranch road out on the West Coast I crossed a cattle guard and coming around the base of a large hill I encountered a herd of cows. I pulled up short about a hundred feet away and the cows took off up the hill. However, in the center of the road standing fast was one very large, and very obvious bull. This bull and I eyed each other for perhaps three or four minutes while I mentally computed the absolute quickest way to turn that bicycle around on that gravel road and pedal as hard as I could back across the cattle guard which was about half a mile back.

Finally, never taking his eyes off of me, the bull raised his tail and deposited a very large pile of BS smack in the middle of the road. Having marked his territory he slowly, and with great dignity, walked up the hill to join his cows. After he'd gone a hundred yards or so I slowly pedaled past this pile of fresh BS and made my way across the next cattle guard and on towards civilization.
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