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Hey guess who ?,
Yeah my time wasted on building a Kent/Stinger out of the box includes no recording studio yet big problem no less I'll continue.The set up is with an automatic clutch and pull stater hooking up to a billet sprocket kit.Just the basics currently I'll get some video on that posted here or YouTube.No much to see these modifications are nearly all the same. I've planned on milling the top of the cylinder to 11.1 increased compression ratio and drilling out the counter weights on this to light'n the crankshaft.It should run well enough to meet elevation changes and likely have a noted power increase with ill effecting port timing and economy this is the least expensive overhaul on this kit. I've already posted a greeting but I can't find it so I'm posting one more.The beach bike and kit so so total under $450.00 without planed enhancement updates to engine brakes and suspension well these are simple kits but it helps to review the kit's if your interested having a good bench with a vise and some tools is a must...
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