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Default Re: rear wheel drop down kickstand installation

Originally Posted by bluegoatwoods View Post
Maniac is right about those bearing adjustments.

This is the voice of experience talking.

If they're not adjusted right, they're toast.

The good news is that it's not very hard at all. It would be a bit hard to describe in words. I won't try. But a youtube video or something like that will teach you what you need to know.
I'll try it in words......I always adjust the wheel bearings a very slight bit looser at the cone nuts, so there's a barely detectable wobble. The act of tightening the axle nuts when installing the wheel should take up that wobble and leave the bearings in almost perfect adjustment. If there's still detectable wobble after tightening the axle nuts, remove the wheel and tighten the cone nuts very slightly and reinstall the wheel. You're looking for no wobble and totally free wheeling with the axle nuts tightened. (How'd I do BGW?)

All that said, I setup the kickstand by mounting it separately from the axle. That big beefy axle looks inviting when you're trying to figure out a mount, but then every time you remove the rear wheel you have to remove the kickstand too. If you carefully drill a mounting hole in your drop outs, you can permanently install a 5/16" or 3/8" bolt to set up your rear-mounted kick stand.
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