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Default Re: My first motorized bike

Since i've only been looking at installers, i haven't really looked at kits, as they have one they already use. One guy uses a Kawasaki, and the other uses a Skyhawk.

Does anyone have any recommendations? What i'm looking for:

I'm about 190 lbs. I could use my current bike, or i'm also debating getting a cruiser off of Craigslist and going with that. I'm not a speed demon. I have no intentions of taking this anywhere near the 40 mph i'm told they can go. Seems unsafe and i'm a total safety nut. I also would like to have it quiet. Whether this means an extended muffler or trying some other techniques people have on here. I know it can't be totally silent (or anything close to it), but i don't want to piss my neighbors off when i take off for work at 7:30 AM. I hate the A-hole who tears around our neighborhood on his excessively loud motorcycle, and i want to be nothing like him. I just want something that's fun to do short errands on. I'm going to put some paniers on the bike so i can make grocery store trips. I really don't need anything crazy.

Any suggestions as to engines/kits that might good for me? Also, under $200 would be nice.
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