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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Dan, if Im following you correctly........ you're wanting a coaster brake rear wheel on the bike.

As far as I know all single speed coaster brake hubs are relatively the same width, if you want a good heavy spoked 26" coaster wheel you can get a good one at a good price at

I hope Im following what you said correctly....... sorry if I missed something.

I probably bumbled my point lol. I have a coaster wheel but I want a freewheel that has either the same width or maybe a little bigger because my other freewheel wheels are so much wider I just don't want the stress on the frame. My current bike I had to spread the frame to get a freewheel with 5 sprockets in there, but like I said this older Huffy is much narrower.

I found a Point Beach Schwinn on Facebook that I might be able to buy for 80 bucks if the seller would get a hold of me, I think that rear wheel would solve my issues. Actually I might keep the Schwinn as is and paint the frame flat black or a flat darkish blue color. My only issue with the Schwinn is I'll probably be stuck again with sub par wheels. Geez it's confusing staying on task when I can't visualize the end product due to my lack of knowledge lol. But with you guys helping it sure makes things easier!


Originally Posted by trackfodder View Post
I like the Worksman bike rear wheel. It is about $66 and has 0.10" spokes, 4" sprocket. Coaster brake. Actually, I got fed up with the brake and went to foot-operated bike rim caliper. With a motorcycle front wheel with disk brake/ go kart caliper I can shut down safely from ~55 now.
I've heard great reviews on that wheel and your set up sounds great but its all Greek to me!

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