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Default Re: My first build. Need some advice and I have some questions.

Originally Posted by MadMannArt View Post
I have the Monark II front end... If you want to cut a corner or two, don't do it on the front end choice.
I used to build choppers for a living... When your cheap front end gives out, you will not be standing still....
From what I have seen shop around, you can find those wheels already built, ready to rock & roll a little cheaper from vendors in the sidebar... or or google them, I have seen them.
I am crazy, I used a one speed coaster, no other brakes, we called it a suicide set up on a bike. (Do NOT do this set up without riding experience, as it will gain you crashing
26"slick tire on the rear, 26" Bell skinny street front tire, in a local that rains daily. (I have a death wish
If you want some serious quality look at the EZ Motorbike kit, 600 smakers but looks like a set up for the daily commute that you seek, probably wouldn't need a jackshaft set up on it.... Savings????
I myself am considering that kit...
I have a Grubee GT5 that is going to get swapped out for a Dax 69cc 2stroke kit..
I use a coaster brake on both of my current rides. They work far better than the band brake on my first build.
"Can't never did get nothin' done on no car." - Pete
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