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Default Re: Custom seat pan

It wasn't so much that I did anything wrong. I just didn't like it.

All I am changing is slimming it down, and different padding/foam. Originally I was using typical furniture foam. Too soft. Sank right down to the pan, and really felt the edges. Plus the width (8" at the back) just looked like too much for a bicycle.

It was so wide and long, that it was resting on top of the back of the sissy bar. I really liked the look of the sissy bar curving around the seat, so I slimmed the back end down as well to keep that look. However, I still wanted a wide spot for my chocolate maker to sit. So this is the pan design I have now.

At this stage, I just got back from my local carpet store, and have three comfy layers of memory foam cut, spray glued, and drying. I'll be wrapping the leather again later this evening.

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