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you are the greatest!!!!

thank you so much--writing to you from blustery Antwerpen, Belgium

the photos are pretty much self explanatory and i tried by placing various engines infront of some of the frames let those interest know these frames can certainly handle such engines

the other multi pictured disk has shots of things chopped my piles of materials and other assorted bike related shots the gmc truck i posted about my front yard now cleared of said tools and materials ----anything of interest??? post if you would be so kind and if just clutter well thank you once again...

Today Saturday i had my very first formal welding class primarily for those interested in heavy durty industrial welding of all types 8 great guys

nicest teacher Wilfried -- 25 years major ship building experience in the haven-harbor of antwerp the second largest in Europe second to Rotterdam in neighboring Holland who said i could certainly bring whatever to the saturday early morning class and do whatever projects i wanted totally cool wikll assist however he ca

spent 4 hours with a heavy duty stick welder mesmerized by the spark and the moltened metal and tries to get the speed the angle of the rod and the 2mm height off the puddle thing coordinated after burnijng up around 45 sticks on the 3/8 inch 6X6 practice piece i was sort of getting the hang of it!!???
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