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A while back I offered to help Buba post some of his pictures. He had been talking about frames he's chopped up and made into something for a motorbike and also has plans for producing a gas tank which I believe would be kind of universal. So I offered to help.

Anyway he sent me two discs of pictures. I'll post some from the first disc which has forty or so and I'm still scratching my head over the second disc which if I remember right has 696 pictures on it. I got worn out and a headache just looking at them all. Don't know how ambitious I'll be about that. I would suggest that Buba take a crash course in posting photos. People here will help anyone who doesn't know how and there's no shame in not knowing.

I don't know what to say about the pictures, when he is the one to offer pertinent commentary. I would be guessing and will pretty much refrain from that. I have the impression that he would like for me to write about the photos, but I'm no mind reader and have no desire to be an amateur publisher, editor or somebody's private secretary. Perhaps he will weigh in.

Anyway, welcome to Buba's World...
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