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Default Re: What's been happening, an update

I really didn't expect this. I was just getting some stuff off my chest.

For the rear wheel I just need a set of spokes and spoke nipples. It may just be cheaper to get a new wheel. I've not really checked all the prices on anything as I knew I did not have the money anyway. I'm not really concerned about the bike right now. I have a feeling I may pick up some work through a friend at church. I dunno, maybe I'm just hoping it will happen.

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. I would like to see my grandfather in Mountain Home Arkansas before while he is still here. I'd also like to see my folks again, they're in Marion Ohio. If I had the shifter kit I'd just ride my bike. I could make it to Mtn. Home in a day. Going to my folks would be 2 days, I'd stop at my cousins house in Nashville. It was his sister that died last week.
I guess these are just my daydreams considering the issues with my family at the moment and my bike problems.

I'd like to thank you folks for dropping in and listening to me vent. It helps to hear others thoughts and opinions.
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