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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I removed the head on my first gas (cheap Eb*y) bicycle engine kit only to find some aluminum "shavings" sitting on top of the piston (this aluminum was probably shaved off of the cylinder stud holes by the threads on the (cyl) studs when it was installed in the factory. Oh well, this is why you should always do a partial or, better yet, a complete tear-down on these engines before you run them. I'm going to replace the studs (and practically every other fastener on the engine) anyway so out they go.

I'm sure am glad that I spent time reading various threads here in the Motorbicycling forum before I began this project (otherwise, I probably would've just started her up right out of the box).

Btw Rambler, did the shop arc or gas weld the fender washer onto your bike? The reason I ask is that arc welding may have knocked out your CDI.
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