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Default My first motorized bike

Hi everyone,

My office recently moved downtown, and my 6 mile commute is about 80% uphill on the way home - not ideal. More looking to get something that I can still pedal around on Sidewalks when I'm downtown (or at least walk by a sidewalk), as driving a moped in the road downtown seems like asking to get hit eventually. So I have a mountain bike that works well, but I don't love it and will most likely replace sometime anyway in the not too distant future. So, do you guys think I'd be a good candidate for a motorized bike? I won't be riding very hard, but I'd like something that is generally reliable for at least a few years. Assuming I get a good installer, is this realistic to expect? And that leads to my next question... Any tips on figuring out if an installer is legit? I've talked to a couple in my area, they've been helpful but I really don't know what to look for. Thanks in advance!
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